The BBT Show

The BBT Show

The Brandon, Beef & Tom Show: Three lifelong friends in their thirties get together each week to talk about life, what it is we're doing right and, maybe more often than not, what we're doing wrong.
Starring Brandon (the dreamer), Beef (the newlywed living in paradise), and Tom (the dad and the sensible, AKA boring one). Find out more about us and the show at

Recent Episodes

Ep. 14 - Fatherhood: Is Beef Ready?

Nov. 11, 2021

Beef's about to enter into the next phase of his life: fatherhood! Tom is about to be a father for the third time, but he doesn't remember about having a baby in the house, like how to strap a car seat base in to a vehicle. …

Ep. 13 - Vince Milum: From Pirate to Paint Entepreneur

Oct. 28, 2021

Vince shares some of the unique experiences in his life, ranging from growing up as a Jehovah's Witness, to sailing the south Florida seas as a party-boat pirate, to now owning his own painting business. Vince, who graduated…

Ep. 12 - The Top 3 TV Shows Debate

Oct. 14, 2021

Who needs Emmy Awards or the Golden Globes when Brandon, Beef and Tom have already decided which shows are the greatest of all time? Beef and Tom have a Top 3 pick in common. Brandon associates priceless childhood memories w…

Ep. 11 - Growing a Side Hustle Into Your Next Full-Time Career and a 10 Episode Recap

Sept. 30, 2021

Kyle McClain joins the show to talk about growing a part-time job into a full-time career without missing a paycheck or neglecting your family. We start the show off by trying to be helpful and educational, but of course we …

Ep. 10 - Books: Does Anyone Actually Read Them Anymore?

Sept. 16, 2021

Books - Who actually reads them anymore? Not Brandon and Beef! They've only read a total of one book each in their life, but that doesn't stop them from having a deep, intellectual conversation with Tom, who actually reads b…

Ep. 9 - 'The New Normal'

Sept. 2, 2021

Three guys who have never been considered normal weigh in on what and what shouldn't be a part of "The New Normal". Handshakes, masks, asking the host of a dinner part if they washed their hands right before they handle meat…